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What to Look For in Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venues

Are you planning a big day in the near future? Are you looking for a classy and inviting space for your wedding rehearsal dinner?

Your wedding rehearsal is a chance for you to walk through your ceremony beforehand and iron out the kinks before the big day. It’s also a great time for the friends and family of the bride and groom to kick back and bond.

Choosing the right spot for your event is key. 

Here are some of our favorite tips for deciding on wedding rehearsal dinner venues in the Woodstock or Ball Ground area.

1. Know Your Guest List and Budget

Before you start rehearsal dinner shopping, you’ll want to know which guests are going to be non-negotiable for your rehearsal dinner. 

For example, if you know there are going to be forty family members that must be present, you’ll probably want to look for a room that holds at least fifty. Divide your total rehearsal dinner savings by the number of guests, and you’ve found a price per head that you can’t exceed.

It’s traditional for the parents of the family that aren’t paying for the wedding to cover the rehearsal dinner. If, however, you’re paying for the wedding yourselves, you can simply add the cost of the dinner to your overall budget.

2. Know Your Venue Type

The type of venue you choose will depend largely upon your budget and creativity. You may, for example, be able to give guests a sit-down dinner in a restaurant. Many local eateries offer basic rehearsal dinner packages that include an entree, appetizer, and dessert, as well as unlimited beer, wine, and soda.

If you plan on having a group that’s going to mill around and socialize, it’s nice to have a private room for your rehearsal dinner. This is especially true if you plan on having music.

If you’re going to be making speeches you want to make sure the room has a nice sound system. Catering halls are usually great for this because they can provide you with space and the A/V capabilities you need.

If you’re looking for something unique, you might opt for a backyard barbeque or other buffet. Local public meeting halls are also wonderfully inexpensive spots where you can let your guests mingle or dance the night away.

You’ll need to think carefully about the details. Make sure you’ve thought about tables, chairs, plates, and utensils. If you don’t hire any waitstaff, you’ll need to know who will be dishing out food and clearing plates.

You can also get quite creative with a theme that matches your unique venue. For example, you can have a clambake on the beach or a picnic at a local park. You can have a pizza bar or burgers at a local craft brewery.

Make sure to visit several venues with your spouse-to-be before you make a final decision. The best spot for you may come with some unique opportunities for fun.

The best venues showcase the personality of the couple getting married. They’ll be joyous, lighthearted, and remembered by your guests for years to come.

3. Think About Location

You don’t want your guests to have to travel too far to get to the venue, especially if they are coming from out of town. If your guests are staying at a local hotel in Canton, for example, consider how long the drive is.

Is there transportation available from the hotel to the venue? If not, will it be fairly easy for guests to find? 

Even if all of your guests are local, you don’t want everyone to feel that getting to the location is an evening in itself. You’ll also want to think about traffic patterns in your area before scheduling the event. 

4. Consider Amenities

You’ll want to think about amenities when considering a particular venue. For example, do you need an elevator to accommodate guests with special mobility needs? Do you need a projector to show photos that folks can enjoy throughout the evening? 

You’ll also want to think about your venue’s wireless capacity if you’re planning on using Internet-based visuals. Parking is important because you want your guests to feel comfortable both before the gathering begins and after it’s over. 

5. Plan Decorations

Decorations will also need to be figured into your budget. The rehearsal dinner is usually less formal, so it’s a great time to showcase homemade items like those centerpieces your grandma loves to make.

Some folks like to show photos of the happy couple, and others like to choose a color theme and accessorize the entire room. Still, others prefer to allow the venue to choose a few simple accents and keep the party minimal.

6. Plan the Schedule

Many rehearsal dinners involve simply eating a few courses and listening to some nice speeches. However, you may want yours to include some fun personal touches like a photo guessing game or a musical presentation.

Make sure you schedule the evening so you know when each event is going to occur. If needed, ask a friend or family member to keep things moving. You’ll want the evening to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venues

Your wedding is a huge event in your life, and it’s even more fun when you add some personality to it. When it comes to the weekend surrounding your big day, you want everything to be perfect. The best wedding rehearsal dinner venues combine elegance, fun, and a little spice.

Don’t stop looking for the perfect dinner venue now. For more information on classy catering halls with everything you need, contact us today.