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A Cause for Celebration: Choosing Wedding Shower Venues

Planning a wedding is such an exciting time. You get to marry the love of your life and celebrate with everyone you love. What could be better?

As fun as all of the planning may be, decision-making can become stressful, especially when you’ve orchestrated every aspect of your big day and now you have wedding shower venues to think about.

Figuring out where to begin and how to choose the right venue for your wedding shower can seem overwhelming, but with the right consideration system to get you thinking, it will be a breeze!

Location, Location, Location

The first factor you must determine is what general area is the best place to host your shower.

Consider where the majority of your guests are located and plan accordingly. Especially if guests must travel a distance for the wedding day, it is courteous to keep travel reasonable for the shower.

If seeking “outdoor wedding shower venues near me” is important, now is the time to consider this as well.

Bridal Party Budget

Traditionally, the bridal party hosts and pays for the bridal shower on behalf of the bride. Fast forward to today and it’s a bit shaken up, so it may be hosted by anyone near and dear to the bride, but the budget factor remains the same.

It is imperative that, like everything else, the budget is known and taken into consideration to avoid added stress or ultimately a disappointment. 

Don’t exhaust yourself by feeling like you have to spend in excess. There are tons of incredible, affordable bridal shower venues to choose from that won’t bust your budget.

Your Guest List

When you’re planning a wedding, one of the most crucial points of determining if a venue will work is the venue’s capacity, right? This same principle goes for your bridal shower, too!

You can love what a venue has to offer, but if the space is too large, the intimacy of the event will be lost. On the contrary, if the event space is not large enough, guests will be uncomfortable.

Having a general idea of your guest count before you begin looking at venues is a must.

The Food

Being open to exploring menu options and caterers is great because it allows you to objectively see what creative and incredible options are available.

That being said, if you know what you want, that’s great, too! Just know that this will be a major deciding factor.

There are a few ways to approach what type of food to have at your shower. Does the bride have a…

  • favorite food or meal? 
  • caterer in mind?
  • favorite restaurant

If a type of food is the goal or even a food theme like brunch, you know to look for venues that offer those options.

When there is a caterer or restaurant in mind, you want to look for shower venues that allow outside catering. 

DIY Coordination or All-Inclusive?

Like wedding venues, your choices range from renting a room and literally nothing else to the venue providing everything you need, sometimes even including the catering.

To put it simply, how much party planning, vendor coordination, and day-of coordination and setup are you looking for?

You’ve either been feverishly perusing Pinterest just waiting for this moment or the thought of having to put the shower together makes your stomach flip. 

It comes down purely to personal preference. There are pros and cons to both approaches and the shower will be perfect either way.

Special Accommodations

At the wedding, you have the maid of honor and best man speeches, but the shower doesn’t have to pale in comparison.

One of the best parts of planning a shower is the special, personal touches that connect everyone to the bride and the couple. The photos and bride-themed games are just the beginning!

Social media has given users the ability to easily share photos and videos for birthdays, anniversaries, and just because. What if you could bring this element to the shower?

If you’re tech-savvy and want to make the day extra special, talk to venues about advanced accommodations like wireless internet, projectors, and wireless PA systems.

Think of all the possibilities with the right equipment!

Your Wedding Venue

Before you Google search “best wedding shower venues near me,” let’s pose a wild question and think outside the box.

Have you considered that your wedding venue could be the perfect, amazing venue to host your wedding shower?

This idea is still fairly unheard of, but not for good reason.

Venues typically have multiple spaces available for hosting, varying in size. If you aren’t sure if your wedding location does, all you have to do is ask since you are already in contact with them.

Think about it. You love the venue so much you booked it for the best day of your life and you have experience working with the staff, making it one last thing you have to worry about. Brilliant!

Wedding Shower Venues: Break it Down Now

There you have it! Your frantic search for “wedding shower venues near me” ends here. When you think of your needs and wants one step at a time, finding the perfect wedding shower venue is a piece of cake.

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